Students from Bak Touk High School (Source: Flickr, ECCC, CC By-Sa-2.0)

Research Brief: Youth Political Participation in Cambodia

| Jun 20, 2017    POLITIK     , , , ,

Youth Political Participation

The state of youth political participation is a crucially important subject in Cambodia. The 2013 national elections surprised most specialists and everyday citizens, not only by their results, but also due to the increased influence of social media. The 2017 commune elections provisional figures suggest a historically high voter turnout. Though we will have to wait to obtain more detailed trends on youth engagement, it is safe to say that it will be significantly high, and will continue to play a key role leading to the 2018 national elections.

This brief and the video produced alongside it explore some key trends and questions related to the participation of youth in politics. One of the main focus was to challenge the common assumption according to which youth are disinterested by politics, using data and facts from a range of existing research.

We hope you find it useful and that Cambodian youth continue to participate in politics, through all the platforms at their disposal.