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[Extract from the Channel News Asia article by Jack Board, from 4th November 2016]


“PHNOM PENH: It all started with coffee.

Channy Chheng and three friends had a healthy thirst for the hot stuff and the type of conversation that normally comes with it. It was 2011, they were green, curious, politically engaged and their caffeine-fuelled chats could no longer be contained by Phnom Penh’s cafe scene.

“The first time we just met, drank coffee, talked about everything – politics, the economy, education, agriculture – among the four of us,” Chheng said.”

“Then we thought, our knowledge is quite limited and when we spoke every day, we learned nothing new so we thought we should expand our group to learn something new.”

What followed was the creation of Politikoffee, a combination of their two passions – coffee and politics – and now Cambodia’s most vibrant community for young people to debate the country’s most pressing and controversial issues.”