Is Sam Rainsy a “Pragmatic” or a “Coward”?”

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Approximately three quarters of the participants attending the Politikoffee Forum were not satisfied with Sam Rainsy’s decision not to return to Phnom Penh. We believe that it is time for Sam Rainsy to face the situation after consistently running away from charges and prison sentences. An attending CNRP member posed the question “What if Sam Rainsy is the only opposition party leader in the world who can fight for change and democracy without going to jail?” The question in return was “When is it going to happen? When will he bring change to Cambodia?” I might not be savvy enough to understand all the political strategies they are employing, but after all these years, what I see is a political loss. This is a loss for the Cambodian people, the victims of the dramas of Cambodia’s politicians. Where is Sam Rainsy when thousands of Cambodian families are crying for the loss of their land and their livelihoods? What has CNRP done so far, since joining the Cambodian government following the 2013 election?

If Sam Rainsy really wants to see change, he needs to come and face the realities – as his supporters do every day. Come back to the country and be a real HERO, not a COWARD. We are waiting for you.

Politikoffee held a forum on 21 November 2015 to discuss Sam Rainsy’s decision to cancel his planned return to Cambodia on 16 November 2015, following an arrest warrant issued for defamation charges dating back to 2008.

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