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PK Media Review: Food Safety in Cambodia

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This media review lists food safety stories in Cambodia, ranging from August 2013 to early December 2016.


Phnom Penh Post – 30 August 2013

The Slaughterhouse Blues

Have you ever wondered where the meats in the markets come from? The article by the Phnom Penh Post is a good place to start.

World Food Programme – 9 July 2013

Malnutrition in Cambodia: The Hidden Problem That Costs Up to US$400 Million Annually

Malnutrition is still an issue in Cambodia. The World Food Programme reports that this problem costs Cambodia US$ 400 Million annually. (Click here for the full report)

Phnom Penh Post – 10 December 2014

Safety of Food a Mystery – Even to Gov’t

In late 2014, there were several reports of food-related death. The Phnom Penh Post talked to several government units to find out how foods are tested before being imported.


Phnom Penh Post – 15 December 2014

Gov’t to Research Food Safety

The Post reported that the draft law on food safety would comply with international standards set by the Food and Agriculture Organization.



Cambodia Daily – 16 July 2015

Government Releases Draft Law on Food Safety

Then, in July 2015, the government released draft law on food safety. Click here to read Cambodia Daily’s report.

Phnom Penh Post – 15 December 2015

PM Tells Citizens to Use Extra Caution With Food

Otherwise, in late December 2015, Prime Minister Hun Sen told citizens to “use extra caution” with food after a spate of deaths in Kratie province, when 21 people died and more than 190 people were hospitalized.

Southeast Asia Globe – 5 May 2016

Cambodian Spirulina Farm Taps Health and Wellness Market

Meanwhile, another form of business kicked started. Follow Sea Globe as they go behind the scenes at Cambodia Farm that produce Spirulina health supplements.

Phnom Penh Post – 17 May 2016

New Food Safety Law in Pipeline: Ministry

Another food safety law was being drafted as reported in May 2016 by Phnom Penh Post. It was said that the law is for ‘tightening restrictions on sub-standard or contaminated food.”


Nikkei Asian Review Article – 23 August 2016

ASEAN Trade Beckons Strict Food Safety Measures

However, according to Nikkei Asian Review article, it is suggested that food safety is not hitting Cambodia alone. It was reported that Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam has level up the focus on food safety.

Phnom Penh Post – 18 November 2016

Mango producers struggle to meet Korean standards

In addition, in the month of November, two months away from 2017, it was reported that Mango products could not meet Korean import standard.

Khmer Times – 18 November 2016

Food Safety Lab Launched

And, in the same month, Khmer Times wrote in a news article that a mobile food safety lab would boost the government’s ability to control food.

Swiss Info – 6 December 2016

High Pesticide Levels in Imported Asian Vegetables

This article provides a European perspective, from Switzerland specifically. Cambodia is not the only Asian country that gets a big proportion of its exports failing Swiss and European standards.