Powerful Trio: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma Join Forces to Tackle Climate Change

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By 2050, the world is going to need 50% more energy than it needs today, says Bill Gates. The COP21 is underway in Paris, aiming to reach a critical agreement to tackle the consequences of climate change. Bill Gates has announced his own plan, which he believes could help address the energy and environmental crisis, through technology and private investment. Together with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Gates launched The Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a project on energy innovation, designed to help “[…] invent and scale the innovative technologies that will limit the impact of climate change while providing affordable and reliable energy to everyone”. Alibaba founder Jack Ma will also join them. Gates believes technology will play an important role in protecting the environment while helping people to access energy more “equally”- as his initiative specifically underlines the energy needs of the “poorest parts of the world”.

Iran in green, Saudia Arabia in orange (Source:

Wind turbines in a rapeseed field in Sandesneben, Germany (Source: Jurgen from Sandesneben, Flickr)

Perhaps a combination of three of the most successful innovation and business minds in the world will produce much better results for the world’s climate and energy future, since they have already touched people’s lives in so many other ways! The Breakthrough Energy Coalition could be Gates’ last global mission, following his leadership on health issues through his Foundation, and given he is already 60 years old.

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