Politikoffee film set (December 2016)

Politikoffee Food Video: Clip and Behind-the-Scenes Pictures

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The topic of food security, especially malnutrition, has always been of high significance in Cambodia. With current trends of growing unhealthy food habits – best symbolized by the rapid increase of international fast food chains – it becomes even more relevant.

This video introduces important facts and questions surrounding food security and safety in Cambodia. Our hope is that it triggers constructive and critical discussions around those important issues.

Interview with Mr. IENG Sotheara from the Khmer Organic Cooperative

Interview with Ms. DIN Seanglay from the UN World Food Program – Cambodia

Film crew at Psar Dhamko

Small and young “crowd” at Psar Thmei

Long days

Editing process

Video credits


Konrad-Adenauer Siftung



Vanaka Chhem-Kieth

Robert Hör

So Chandara


A film by:

Phichith Rithea


Story – Original idea:

Robert Hör

Vanaka Chhem-Kieth

Chea Sokyou


Chou Mengchou

Miriam Spengler


Catherine V Harry


Chea Sokyou


Sao Bora



Narin Saobora

Camerawoman assistant:

Say Lalis

Sound assistant:

Narin Saem